Particle tracking with a Timepix based triple GEM detector



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George, S. P., Murtas, F., Alozy, J., Curioni, A., Rosenfeld, A. B. & Silari, M. (2015). Particle tracking with a Timepix based triple GEM detector. Journal of Instrumentation, 10 (11), 1-19.


This paper details the response of a triple GEM detector with a 55 μmetre pitch pixelated ASIC for readout. The detector is operated as a micro TPC with 9.5 cm3 sensitive volume and characterized with a mixed beam of 120 GeV protons and positive pions. A process for reconstruction of incident particle tracks from individual ionization clusters is described and scans of the gain and drift fields are performed. The angular resolution of the measured tracks is characterized. Also, the readout was operated in a mixed mode where some pixels measure drift time and others charge. This was used to measure the energy deposition in the detector and the charge cloud size as a function of interaction depth. The future uses of the device, including in microdosimetry are discussed.

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