Pitfalls and artifacts using the D-SPECT dedicated cardiac camera



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Allie, R., Hutton, B. F., Prvulovich, E., Bomanji, J., Michopoulou, S. & Ben-Haim, S. (2016). Pitfalls and artifacts using the D-SPECT dedicated cardiac camera. Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, 23 (2), 301-310.


Myocardial perfusion imaging is a well-established and widely used imaging technique for the assessment of patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease. Pitfalls and artifacts associated with conventional gamma cameras are well known, and the ways to avoid and correct them have been described. In recent years solid-state detector dedicated cardiac cameras were introduced and have been shown to offer improved accuracy in addition to new imaging protocols and novel applications. The purpose of this manuscript is to familiarize the readers with the causes and effects of technical, patient-related, and operator-related pitfalls and artifacts associated with the D-SPECT dedicated cardiac camera with solid-state detectors. The manuscript offers guidance on how to avoid these factors, how to detect them, and how to correct better for them, providing high-quality diagnostic images.

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