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Wang, L., Shen, J. & Luo, J. (2015). Bio-inspired cost-aware optimization for data-intensive service provision. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 27 (18), 5662-5685.


The use of Big Data and the development of cloud computing have led to greater dependence on data-intensive services. Each service may actually request or create a large amount of data sets. The scope, number, and complexity of data-intensive services are all set to soar in the future. To compose these services will be more challenging. Issues of autonomy, scalability, adaptability, and robustness, become difficult to resolve. Bio-inspired algorithms can overcome the new challenging requirements of data-intensive service provision. It is useful for the provision of data-intensive services to explore key features and mechanisms of biological systems and accordingly to add biological mechanisms to services. In this paper, we will discuss single-objective and multi-objective data-intensive service provision problems based on bio-inspired algorithms. Further, we will propose an ant-inspired negotiation approach. Finally, this paper points out future research topics.



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