Gamifying precision-guided firearms: Bugs and Daffy wouldn’t stand a chance



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Michael, K. (2016). Gamifying precision-guided firearms. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 5 (1), 99-101.


If you were born before 1985, then there is a good chance you watched Looney Tunes on a Saturday morning and followed the exploits of the Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck hunting episodes with anticipation but no element of surprise. Poor old Daffy Duck, at times disguised as a rabbit, just couldn't outwit Bugs during rabbit season! And Elmer Fudd was one of those hunters you felt sorry for?a thousand shots fired, some on target, but he never really could finish off his rival.A modern-day remake of an Elmer Fudd cartoon might feature a precision-guided firearm, such as those in the TrackingPoint XactSystem series [1], making Fudd's rifle in Looney Tunes look like something out of ancient history. The modern cartoon might also be a little boring, with a short and predictable ending: shoot to kill the rabbit, and that's it- dead. There would be no great chase necessary, no teasing the target animal out. Daffy would be annihilated with pin-point accuracy the first time he came into Fudd's field of view.

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