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Nimbalkar, S. & Choudhury, D. (2015). Design of earth retaining structures and tailing dams under static and seismic conditions. 50th Indian Geotechnical Conference (IGC-2015) (pp. 1-10).


In this paper the seismic active earth pressure is determined by using pseudo-dynamic method. Mononobe-Okabe method by pseudo-static approach gives the linear distribution of seismic earth pressure behind retaining wall in an approximate way. A rigid vertical retaining wall supporting cohesionless backfill material with horizontal ground has been considered in the analysis with planar rupture surface. Results highlight the non-linearity of seismic earth pressures distribution. Applications of pseudo-dynamic method for stability assessment of gravity dams and tailing dams are presented. A new simplified method to include soil arching effect on determination of earth pressures is also proposed.

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50th Indian Geotechnical Conference (IGC-2015)