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Zhang, S. S., Teng, J. G. & Chen, J. F. (2012). Analytical model for bar-end cover separation failure in RC beams strengthened with near-surface mounted FRP. Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Structural Engineering, ISSE 2012 (pp. 1018-1023).


The flexural performance of RC beams can be improved using the near-surface mounted (NSM) FRP strengthening technique. A likely failure mode of such FRP-strengthened RC beams is bar-end cover separation which involves the detachment of the NSM FRP reinforcement together with the concrete cover along the level of the steel tension reinforcement. This paper presents a new analytical strength model for this failure mode. The proposed strength model and two existing strength models for this failure mode are compared with test results to demonstrate the superior performance of the new analytical model.