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Yang, Z., Lv, J., Pang, H., Yan, W., Qian, K., Guo, T. & Guo, Z. (2015). Facile synthesis of coaxial CNTs/MnOx-carbon hybrid nanofibers and their greatly enhanced lithium storage performance. Scientific Reports, 5 17473-1-17473-10.


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/MnOx-Carbon hybrid nanofibers have been successfully synthesized by the combination of a liquid chemical redox reaction (LCRR) and a subsequent carbonization heat treatment. The nanostructures exhibit a unique one-dimensional core/shell architecture, with one-dimensional CNTs encapsulated inside and a MnOx-carbon composite nanoparticle layer on the outside. The particular porous characteristics with many meso/micro holes/pores, the highly conductive one-dimensional CNT core, as well as the encapsulating carbon matrix on the outside of the MnOx nanoparticles, lead to excellent electrochemical performance of the electrode. The CNTs/MnOx-Carbon hybrid nanofibers exhibit a high initial reversible capacity of 762.9 mAh-1, a high reversible specific capacity of 560.5 mAh-1 after 100 cycles, and excellent cycling stability and rate capability, with specific capacity of 396.2 mAh-1 when cycled at the current density of 1000 mA-1, indicating that the CNTs/MnOx-Carbon hybrid nanofibers are a promising anode candidate for Li-ion batteries.



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