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Ghayesh, M. H., Farokhi, H. & Alici, G. (2016). Internal energy transfer in dynamical behavior of slightly curved shear deformable microplates. Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 11 (4), 041002-1-041002-11.


This paper investigates the internal energy transfer and modal interactions in the dynamical behavior of slightly curved microplates. Employing the third-order shear deformation theory, the microplate model is developed taking into account geometric nonlinearities as well as the modified couple stress theory; the initial curvature is modeled by an initial imperfection in the out-of-plane direction. The in-plane displacements and inertia are retained, and the coupled out-of-plane, rotational, and in-plane motion characteristics are analyzed. Specifically, continuous models are developed for kinetic and potential energies as well as damping and external works; these are balanced and reduced via Lagrange's equations along with an assumed-mode technique. The reduced-order model is then solved numerically by means of a continuation technique; stability analysis is performed by means of the Floquet theory. The possibility of the occurrence of modal interactions and internal energy transfers is verified via a linear analysis on different natural frequencies of the system. The nonlinear resonant response of the system is obtained for the cases with internal energy transfer, and energy transfer mechanisms are analyzed; as we shall see, the presence of an initial curvature affects the system dynamics substantially. The importance of taking into account small-size effects is also shown by discovering this fact that both the linear and nonlinear internal energy transfer mechanisms are shifted substantially if this effect is ignored.



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