Development of new microalloyed steel by alloying with tungsten



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Zhao, J. & Jiang, Z. (2015). Development of new microalloyed steel by alloying with tungsten. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 716-717 48-51.


The effects of tungsten (W) addition on the microstructure, impact toughness and tensile properties of a microalloyed cast steel were systematically investigated. The results indicate that W alloying in microalloyed cast steel plays a positive role in inhibiting dendrite during casting process, and the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and fracture strain can be simultaneously improved after W addition. Both microalloyed cast steels with and without W additions show very low impact energies, indicating W addition has no significant effect on the impact toughness. The present work provides a possibility to develop new W-containing microalloyed steels with improved mechanical properties.

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