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Qu, F., Jiang, Z. & Lu, H. (2015). Effect of mesh on springback in 3D finite element analysis of flexible microrolling. Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2015 424131-1-424131-7.


In flexible microrolling, springback in thickness direction is a critical indicator to determine the forming quality. Accurate prediction of springback is one of the significant aspects in the finite element analysis of flexible microrolling. Meshing is a step of great importance in finite element analysis of manufacturing process as it directly determines the accuracy of the FEA results as well as the requested computational time. This paper presents a numerical study on revealing the mesh effects on the accuracy of springback estimation utilising ABAQUS/Standard for modelling and analyses. Two types of meshes with six mesh sizes for each mesh type are considered in this study and the optimal mesh type and mesh size have been found to obtain accurate value of springback while saving as much computational time as possible.



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