Strengthening mechanisms of graphene sheets in aluminium matrix nanocomposites



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Fadavi Boostani, A., Yazdani, S., Mousavian, R. Taherzadeh., Tahamtan, S., Azari Khosroshahi, R., Wei, D., Brabazon, D., Xu, J. Z., Zhang, X. M. & Jiang, Z. Y. (2015). Strengthening mechanisms of graphene sheets in aluminium matrix nanocomposites. Materials and Design, 88 983-989.


Uniform dispersion of SiC nanoparticles with a high propensity to agglomerate within a thixoformed aluminium matrix was attained using a graphene encapsulating approach. The analytical model devised in this study has demonstrated the significant role of shear lag and thermally activated dislocation mechanisms in strengthening aluminium metal matrix composites due to the exceptional negative thermal expansion coefficient of graphene sheets. This, in turn, triggers the pinning capacity of nano-sized rod-liked aluminium carbide, prompting strong interface bonding for SiC nanoparticles with the matrix, thereby enhancing tensile elongation.

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