A framework for measuring top management support in information systems projects



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Madanayake, O. & Gibson, P. (2015). A framework for measuring top management support in information systems projects. 10th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE 2015) (pp. 131-136). United States: IEEE.


Top management support (TMS) is a critical success factor (CSF) for information systems project performance (ISPP). Undesirably low ISPP reported in prior studies is attributed to the lack of understanding of the supportive role top management is expected to play. In order to improve this understanding, the study reported in this paper suggests a theme for TMS using top management roles, and further investigates the link between TMS and ISPP with the use of a conceptual framework. This framework links the top management roles that are based on Henry Mintzberg's managerial roles, with product and process based ISPP. The conceptual framework is then investigated using a series of interviews, a focus group and a questionnaire survey. The findings support a managerial role based perspective for TMS. The findings also indicate that certain top management roles are more important than others in influencing ISPP. Additionally, the findings suggest that top management needs to assume newer roles for information systems (IS) projects, which have traditionally not been recognized as important. Furthermore, the findings suggest that TMS is regarded as a key resource for IS projects and needs to be explicitly promoted by the organization.

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