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Petasecca, M., Cullen, A., Fuduli, I., Espinoza, A., Porumb, C., Stanton, C., Aldosari, A. H., Brauer-Krisch, E., Requardt, H., Bravin, A., Perevertaylo, V., Rosenfeld, A. B. & Lerch, M. L. F. (2012). X-Tream: a novel dosimetry system for Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy. Journal of Instrumentation, 7 1-15.


Microbeam Radiation Therapy (MRT) is a radiation treatment technique under development for inoperable brain tumors. MRT is based on the use of a synchrotron generated X-ray beam with an extremely high dose rate ( ~ 20 kGy/sec), striated into an array of X-ray micro-blades. In order to advance to clinical trials, a real-time dosimeter with excellent spatial resolution must be developed for absolute dosimetry. The design of a real-time dosimeter for such a radiation scenario represents a significant challenge due to the high photon flux and vertically striated radiation field, leading to very steep lateral dose gradients. This article analyses the striated radiation field in the context of the requirements for temporal dosimetric measurements and presents the architecture of a new dosimetry system based on the use of silicon detectors and fast data acquisition electronic interface. The combined system demonstrates micrometer spatial resolution and microsecond real time readout with accurate sensitivity and linearity over five orders of magnitude of input signal. The system will therefore be suitable patient treatment plan verification and may also be expanded for in-vivo beam monitoring for patient safety during the treatment.



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