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J. Aghaei, A. Ahmadi, A. Rabiee, V. G. Agelidis, K. M. Muttaqi & H. A. Shayanfar, "Uncertainty management in multiobjective hydro-thermal self-scheduling under emission considerations," Applied Soft Computing Journal, vol. 37, pp. 737-750, 2015.


In this paper, a stochastic multiobjective framework is proposed for a day-ahead short-term Hydro Thermal Self-Scheduling (HTSS) problem for joint energy and reserve markets. An efficient linear formulations are introduced in this paper to deal with the nonlinearity of original problem due to the dynamic ramp rate limits, prohibited operating zones, operating services of thermal plants, multi-head power discharge characteristics of hydro generating units and spillage of reservoirs. Besides, system uncertainties including the generating units' contingencies and price uncertainty are explicitly considered in the stochastic market clearing scheme. For the stochastic modeling of probable multiobjective optimization scenarios, a lattice Monte Carlo simulation has been adopted to have a better coverage of the system uncertainty spectrum. Consequently, the resulting multiobjective optimization scenarios should concurrently optimize competing objective functions including GENeration COmpany's (GENCO's) profit maximization and thermal units' emission minimization. Accordingly, the ε-constraint method is used to solve the multiobjective optimization problem and generate the Pareto set. Then, a fuzzy satisfying method is employed to choose the most preferred solution among all Pareto optimal solutions. The performance of the presented method is verified in different case studies. The results obtained from ε-constraint method is compared with those reported by weighted sum method, evolutionary programming-based interactive Fuzzy satisfying method, differential evolution, quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization and hybrid multi-objective cultural algorithm, verifying the superiority of the proposed approach.



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