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A. M. Haidar, C. Benachaiba & M. Zahir, "Software interfacing of servo motor with microcontroller," Journal of Electrical Systems, vol. 9, (1) pp. 84-99, 2013.


Automatic control of DC servo motor in terms of rotation angle has played a vital role in the advance Electromechanical Engineering. Nowadays, the automatic process of motor control using a Personal Computer (PC) is commonly used. The controllers are designed to interface between a Computer and Motor. This paper presents the implementation of PIC Microcontroller with Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Matlab to track the rotational angle of DC servo motor. The movement of slider on GUI will act as an input signal into the Microcontroller to change the rotation angle. A simulation on the performance of the system has been carried out using Proteus software interfaced with Matlab and the controller was tested on real-time application. Results show that the use of PIC Microcontroller and GUI in Matlab is an advantage solution to control the rotational angle.