Using conventional materials as concrete confinement



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Zhao, H. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2015). Using conventional materials as concrete confinement. Proceedings of the 27th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia in conjunction with the 69th RILEM Week (pp. 476-481). North Sydney, Australia: Concrete Institute of Australia.


Strengthening concrete members to improve the load carrying capacity and ductility at an economic cost has constantly been a challenge. This study aims to evaluate the effects of the conventional repair materials, mortar and galvanised wire mesh and mortar composite (MGWM) on the overall behaviours of confined concrete columns. The investigation was carried out on medium strength concrete (MSC) and normal strength concrete (NSC), respectively. Two methods were used to install the mesh reinforcement: cast integrally with concrete and wrapped to precast concrete core. The first method was applied to MSC specimens while the second was adopted for NSC cylinders.

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