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Satoh, T., Karekal, S., Nishizawa, O. & Kusunose, K. (1996). Precursory localization and development of microfractures along the ultimate fracture plane in amphibolite under triaxial creep. Geophysical Research Letters, 23 (8), 865-868.


In a triaxial creep experiment in amphibolite, we clearly found a precursorylo calizationa nd developmento f microfracturesa long the final fracture planeu singa n AE (acoustice missions) ourcelo cation technique.T he precursorylo calizationo f AE hypocenters first nucleatedn ear a pre-existingm acroscopidc efecta ndt hene xtendedg raduallya longt hef inalf racture plane prior to failure. On the other hand, no significant precursorylo calizationo f AE hypocenteros n the final fracture plane before failure has been reported in rock samplesf ree of pre-existingm acroscopidce fects. This differencein AE occurrencep atterns beforef ailure could be explainedb y the differencein the degreeo f damage in the portion of the rock surrounding the localization zone when it nucleates.



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