Pile response due to effective lateral soil movement



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Qin, H. & Guo, W. (2010). Pile response due to effective lateral soil movement. 7th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2010 (ICPMG 2010) (pp. 823-828). United Kingdom: CRC Press.


Extensive model tests have been performed to investigate the response of piles subjected to lateral soil movement. This paper discusses the effect of source of lateral (effective) soil movement on the behavior of a single pile. The pile was installed at three locations to the loading side where lateral soil move-ment was generated by using a triangular or rectangular loading block to simulate corresponding soil move-ment profiles. The test results are presented in terms of the development of maximum bending moment,maximum shear force and pile deflection at ground surface with soil movement and their distribution along the pile with depth. The effect of the distance on the maximum bending moment is presented and can be well captured by the effective frame movement. This is shown by the calculation using simple solutions.

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