A review of defect detection on electrical components using image processing technology



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G. Asiegbu, A. M. Haidar & K. Hawari, "A review of defect detection on electrical components using image processing technology," Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 221, (2013) pp. 247-256, 2013.


mage processing technology in the recent years has gain lots of recognitions in the fields of electrical power system engineering. It has been widely used in detection of anomalies on electrical component parts. It has also been effectively applied during testing, inspection and preventive maintenance works. Current researches in thermal imaging technology have shown the interest in development of unsupervised computer aided scrutiny system. This is because of robustness and speed of defect detection analysis compared to conventional or traditional method of testing and inspection. Numerous methods have been used to detect and analyze abnormalities in electrical components such as infrared thermal image, x-ray image, binary, and gray scale images. Procedures normally used in scrutinizing defective components can be classified into five stages thus image acquisition, preprocessing, segmentation, classification and decision-making. This paper presents the review of electrical equipments defect detection techniques using different forms of image analysis approach in detecting and classifying the severity of defects in electrical components. Some advantages and disadvantages of these approaches are also elaborated.

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