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Skyt, P. S., Berndt, B., Holloway, L., Hill, R. & De Deene, Y. (2015). NMR spectroscopy of saccharide-doped PAGAT dosimeters. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 573 012031-1-012031-4.


he aim of this study was to investigate the chemistry of the PAGAT dosimeters when doped with saccharides and irradiated' using NMR spectroscopy. Three batches of PAGAT gel dosimeters were manufactured. Two of them were doped with 20 % glucose and sucrose' respectively. For each batch' one sample was left unirradiated while the remaining samples were irradiated to different doses. After irradiation' NMR spectra were obtained which clearly showed the composition of the dosimeter and the change in monomer concentration caused by irradiation. In addition' it revealed that the saccharides did not directly participate in the chemical process before and during irradiation but the addition of saccharides resulted in a higher consumption rate of the monomers.



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