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M. D'Souza, A. Postula, N. Bergmann & M. Ros, "A Bluetooth Based Protocol for Multimedia Guidebooks on Mobile Devices," in The Second International Conference on E-Business and Telecommunication Networks, 2005, pp. 154-157.


This paper presents a Bluetooth based communications protocol used for multimedia guidebooks on mobile computing devices. Multimedia guidebooks are used in museums to allow users to access information about museum exhibits. The multimedia guidebook protocol was successfully implemented on a personal digital assistant and mobile (cell) phone platforms. The protocol overcomes some of the wireless file transfer protocol limitation issues with mobile computing devices. The protocol uses Bluetooth wireless connections as a communications medium. The protocol can be used to transfer various file formats such as image or audio files. The protocol also identifies the language content of the information file. Future work on this protocol involves expanding it to allow for other languages to be included and other user preferences such as personal interests and file download options.