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A. D. T. Le, K. A. Kashem, M. Negnevitsky & G. Ledwich, "Maximising voltage support in distribution systems by distributed generation," in IEEE Region 10 Annual Meeting (IEEE TENCON 2005), 2005, pp. 1-6.


Rapidly increasing in the demand of electricity along with recently advances in distributed generation (DG) technologies have sparked a new interest in utilisation of DG sources. However, there are a number of technical issues regarding to the installation of DG, since DG connection significantly affects existing network configuration and operation, especially for system with high level of DG penetration. To achieve maximum voltage support from DG utilisation, methodologies related to DG placement and DG operation are developed in this paper. Technique to optimise voltage improvement by effectively injecting active and reactive power of DG is developed based on voltage sensitivity of lines. An index has been developed to obtain optimal or near optimal placement of DG for maximum voltage improvement in a distribution feeder. Simulation studies are conducted on 16-bus, 32-bus and 69-bus radial test systems to verify the developed techniques and results are reported



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