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J. Donley & C. Ritz, "An efficient approach to dynamically weighted multizone wideband reproduction of speech soundfields," in Signal and Information Processing (ChinaSIP), 2015 IEEE China Summit and International Conference on, 2015, pp. 60-64.


This paper proposes and evaluates an efficient approach for practical reproduction of multizone soundfields for speech sources. The reproduction method, based on a previously proposed approach, utilises weighting parameters to control the soundfield reproduced in each zone whilst minimising the number of loudspeakers required. Proposed here is an interpolation scheme for predicting the weighting parameter values of the multizone soundfield model that otherwise requires significant computational effort. It is shown that initial computation time can be reduced by a factor of 1024 with only 85dB of error in the reproduced soundfield relative to reproduction without interpolated weighting parameters. The perceptual impact on the quality of the speech reproduced using the method is also shown to be negligible. By using pre-saved soundfields determined using the proposed approach, practical reproduction of dynamically weighted multizone soundfields of wideband speech could be achieved in real-time.



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