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Y. Gao, Y. Yu, J. Xi, Q. Guo, J. Tong & S. Tong, "Improved method for estimation of multiple parameters in self-mixing interferometry," Applied Optics, vol. 54, (10) pp. 2703-2709, 2015.


There are two categories of applications for self-mixing interference (SMI)-based sensing: (1) estimation of parameters associated with a semiconductor laser (SL) and (2) measurement of the metrological quantities of the external target. To achieve high resolution sensing, each category of applications requires knowledge from the other. This paper proposes an improved method that can simultaneously measure the parameters of an SL and the target movement in arbitrary form. Starting with the existing SMI model, we derive a new matrix equation for the measurement. The measurement matrix is built by employing all the available data samples obtained from an SMI signal. The total least squares estimation approach is used to estimate the parameters. The proposed method is verified by both simulations and experiments. (C) 2015 Optical Society of America



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