Experimental analysis and demonstration of a low cost fibre optic temperature sensor system for engineering applications



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G. Rajan, Y. Semenova, J. Mathew & G. farrell, "Experimental analysis and demonstration of a low cost fibre optic temperature sensor system for engineering applications," Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 163, (1) pp. 88-95, 2010.


An epoxy packaged surface mountable fibre temperature sensor for engineering applications is presented in this paper. The temperature sensor is based on a macro-bend single-mode fibre loop employed in a ratiometric power measurement scheme and has a linear characteristic with temperature at a fixed wavelength and bend radius. The sensor head consists of a single turn of a bare bend sensitive single-mode fibre with an applied absorption coating. The temperature of the sensor head is varied up to 80 °C and the linearity of the response is studied with different applied absorption coatings. The sensor head is packaged in a low thermal expansion coefficient two-part epoxy for stability. Such a packaged sensor head can be directly attached to any structure for temperature measurements. The packaged sensor system shows a temperature resolution better than 0.5 °C. The impact of stress and strain on the fabricated sensor is investigated by applying an external load to the sensor and an estimation of magnitude of the stress- and strain-induced error in the temperature measurement of the system has been obtained. It is found that the impact of stress and strain is low and can be compensated, if necessary. A portable prototype of the sensor head and the interrogation system is also demonstrated in this paper. The demonstrated temperature sensing system could be used for a wide range of engineering applications. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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