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Hebblewhite, B., Lin, B., Galvin, J., Walker, R. & Drew, J. (1998). Coal mine rib mechanics - an improved understanding of rib behaviour and support requirements. In N. I. Aziz & B. Indraratna (Eds.), International Conference on Geomechanics/Ground Control in Mining and Underground Construction (pp. 403-412). Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia: University of Wollongong.


The role of reinforcement elements in coal mine ribs has not been well understood. Various approaches to rib support and reinforcement are in use in the industry with mixed results. Rib spall is not uncommon and can vary from small nuisance fragments of coal to large scale collapse of the full rib surface, often with serious safety implications. This paper describes the outcomes of an ACARP research project which investigated rib behaviour to identify the geotechnical mechanics involved and then evaluated some prototype reinforcement strategies based on the concept of yielding support elements.