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Luo, L., Jiang, Z., Wei, D., Manabe, K. & Sato, H. (2015). Experimental and numerical study of micro deep drawing. MATEC Web of Conferences, 21 09003-1-09003-6.


Micro forming is a key technology for an industrial miniaturisation trend, and micro deep drawing (MDD) is a typical micro forming method. It has great advantages comparing to other micro manufacturing methods, such as net forming ability, mass production potential, high product quality and complex 3D metal products fabrication capacity. Meanwhile, it is facing difficulties, for example the so-called size effects, once scaled down to micro scale. To investigate and to solve the problems in MDD, a combined micro blanking-drawing machine is employed and an explicit-implicit micro deep drawing model with a voronoi blank model is developed. Through heat treatment different grain sizes can be obtained, which affect material's properties and, consequently, the drawing process parameters, as well as produced cups' quality. Further, a voronoi model can provide detailed material information in simulation, and numerical simulation results are in accordance with experimental results.



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