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Hastie, D. B. & Wypych, P. W. (2012). The sensitivity of particle parameters in discrete element modelling of belt conveyor transfers. 7th International Conference for Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (CHoPS) (pp. 19-24). Germany: Dechema e.V.

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ISBN: 9781629935362


As discrete element modelling (DEM) becomes more widely used as a design tool, its suitability to modelling belt conveyor applications including conveyor transfers and conveyor trajectories is becoming more recognised. The accuracy of the data inputted for both the system geometry and particle perspective are vital if the outputs obtained from DEM simulations are to be considered valid. Bench-scale testing can readily obtain a range of particle parameters, however, there are others that can be more difficult to determine. This paper focuses on two such parameters; coefficient of rolling friction and shear modulus. A series of sensitivity analyses have been undertaken to determine the impact of varying the values for these parameters on the final outcomes of DEM simulations. These simulation outcomes will be compared to experimentally measured data from conveying iron ore through a conveyor transfer research facility which has been commissioned at the University of Wollongong.