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Liang, K. & Susilo, W. (2015). Searchable atribute-based mechanism with efficiient data sharing for secure cloud storage. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 10 (9), 1981-1992.


To date, the growth of electronic personal data leads to a trend that data owners prefer to remotely outsource their data to clouds for the enjoyment of the high-quality retrieval and storage service without worrying the burden of local data management and maintenance. However, secure share and search for the outsourced data is a formidable task, which may easily incur the leakage of sensitive personal information. Efficient data sharing and searching with security is of critical importance. This paper, for the first time, proposes a searchable attribute-based proxy re-encryption system. When compared to existing systems only supporting either searchable attribute-based functionality or attribute-based proxy re-encryption, our new primitive supports both abilities and provides flexible keyword update service. Specifically, the system enables a data owner to efficiently share his data to a specified group of users matching a sharing policy and meanwhile, the data will maintain its searchable property but also the corresponding search keyword(s) can be updated after the data sharing. The new mechanism is applicable to many real-world applications, such as electronic health record systems. It is also proved chosen ciphertext secure in the random oracle model.

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