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Heitor, A., Indraratna, B. & Rujikiatkamjorn, C. (2015). The role of compaction energy on the small strain properties of a compacted silty sand subjected to drying - wetting cycles. Geotechnique: international journal of soil mechanics, 65 (9), 717-727.


The elastic properties of a soil are usually investigated to describe its engineering behaviour. The results of previous studies indicate that the effect of changes in suction on the elastic response at a small strain level of soils is significant during compaction and post-compaction periods. Limited efforts have been focused on quantifying those post-compacted responses due to the changes in suction induced by wetting and drying cycles. During their service life, most earth structures experience changes in hydraulic behaviour owing to climatic changes. These seasonal fluctuations in turn impact on the geomechanical performance of compacted soil. In this paper the aspects related to the elastic properties of compacted soils subjected to cycles of drying and wetting are described. Particular emphasis is placed on the effect of compaction energy on the hysteric behaviour (i.e. amplitude of the hysteresis loop) and its dependence on the initial stress state conditions and suction history. The results not only confirm the importance of the current suction in governing the shear and compression velocities and associated moduli, but they also suggest that subsequent drying-wetting cycles or suction history can further induce hysteretic changes, particularly along the wetting paths.



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