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Tonien, D. & Safavi-Naini, R. (2006). An efficient single-key pirates tracing scheme using cover-free families. 4th International Conference (ACNS 2006) Proceedings in LNCS 3989 (pp. 82-97). Germany: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


A cover-free family is a well-studied combinatorial structure that has many applications in computer science and cryptography. In this paper, we propose a new public key traitor tracing scheme based on cover-free families. The new traitor tracing scheme is similar to the Boneh-Franklin scheme except that in the Boneh-Franklin scheme, decryption keys are derived from Reed-Solomon codes while in our case they are derived from a cover-free family. This results in much simpler and faster tracing algorithms for single-key pirate decoders, compared to the tracing algorithms of Boneh-Franklin scheme that use Berlekamp- Welch algorithm. Our tracing algorithms never accuse innocent users and identify all traitors with overwhelming probability.



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