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Pamungkas, D. & Ward, K. (2015). Immersive teleoperation of a robot arm using electro-tactile feedback. In D. Bailey, G. Gupta & S. Demidenko (Eds.), 6th International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Applications (ICARA 2015) (pp. 300-305). United States: IEEE.


2015 IEEE. Teleoperation can allow an operator to control a robot remotely in inaccessible and hostile places. To achieve more dexterous control of a tele-operated robot some researchers are developing user interfaces equipped with vision and tactile feedback. 3D visual perception and tactile feedback can also assist the operator to feel immersed in the robot's environment and embodied within the robot to some extent. Most existing tactile feedback systems use electro-mechanical actuators and linkages. However, these systems are complex, cumbersome and consequently make it difficult for the operator feel embodied within the robot. To improve on these drawbacks, this paper introduces an immersive teleoperation system comprised of a 3D stereo vision head set combined with an electro-tactile feedback system. Our electro-tactile feedback system is compact, nonmechanical and versatile. Experimental results are provided which show how this form of immersive 3D perception and tactile feedback system can enable the user to achieve more dexterous control of a robot arm by enabling the operator to effectively see what robot sees and experience what the robot feels while performing work with the robot.



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