A secure home healthcare system based on 6LoWPAN WSN



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Wang, X. & Mu, Y. (2014). A secure home healthcare system based on 6LoWPAN WSN. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking (IJITN), 6 (3), 15-26.


This paper proposes a secure home healthcare system based on 6LoWPAN WSN. In this system, the hierarchical architecture based on clusters is proposed, and the hierarchical address structure based on location information is presented. Based on the architecture and the address structure, the secure address configuration algorithm is proposed. According to the destination IPv6 address, this system can automatically perform the routing in the link layer without route discovery. This system achieves the secure communication. Through this system, at any time a physician can monitor the physical parameters of a home-based patient such as a senior or less-mobile person, and a home-based patient can also alert a physician to call for help. In the latter case, the physician can quickly obtain the location of the patient in order to perform effective and timely treatment. The performance parameters of this system are evaluated and compared, and the data results show that this system effectively improves the system performance.

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