Identification of ontologies to support information systems development



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Beydoun, G., Low, G. C., Garcia-Sanchez, F., Valencia-Garcia, R. & Martinez-Bejar, R. (2014). Identification of ontologies to support information systems development. Information Systems, 46 (December), 45-60.


Ontologies can provide many benefits during information systems development. They can provide domain knowledge to requirement engineers, are reusable software components for web applications or intelligent agent developers, and can facilitate semi-automatic model verification and validation. They also assist in software extensibility, interoperability and reuse. All these benefits critically depend on the provision of a suitable ontology (ies). This paper introduces a semantically-based three stage-approach to assist developers in checking the consistency of the requirements models and choose the most suitable and relevant ontology (ies) for their development project from a given repository. The early requirements models, documented using the i* language, are converted to a retrieval ontology. The consistency of this retrieval ontology is then checked before being used to identify a set of reusable ontologies that are relevant for the development project. The paper also provides an initial validation of each of the stages. 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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