Academic literacies: a critical review of a core information systems postgraduate subject



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Freeman, M. (2014). Academic literacies: a critical review of a core information systems postgraduate subject. Information Systems Development: Transforming Organisations and Society through Information Systems: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2014) (pp. 131-139). Croatia: University of Zagreb.


This paper presents a case study review of a major assessment task in a core postgraduatelevel subject in the Information Systems (IS) discipline. Through a critical analysis, the review identified three types of literacies that the subject aims to distil in students: critical, academic and digital literacies. The critical analysis was used to identify whether, and how, students were taught these literacies through the completion of a major assessment, which asked students to review an existing information system. Three opportunities for improvement were identified, these were: greater use of scaffolding in the development of literacy skills; involving experts from across the institution and industry to develop student skills; and embedding technology within assessments. Validation of the case study findings to determine their generalizability is underway. It is envisaged that these three methods can be applied in any information systems subject to improve students' literacies. Through their application, it is expected that students will be better equipped to deal with the continual changes they will face in their careers.

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