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Mohd Zaid, N. & Lau, S. Kim. (2014). Emerging of academic information search system with ontology-based approach. In J. G. Laborda, F. Ozdamli & Y. Maasoglu (Eds.), 5th World Conference on Educational Sciences - WCES-2013 (pp. 132-138). Netherlands: Elsevier BV.


This paper describes the comparison of ontology development tools for development of academic information search system that assists inexperienced research students at a local university in Malaysia to search for academic resources in the local language context (Bahasa Malaysia). The cohort of inexperienced research students faces two main problems when using current system comprises of keyword search. Firstly the language barrier-limiting students' capabilities to conduct keyword search in foreign language (such as English). Secondly limited research experience in querying often results in obtaining irrelevant search results. The proposed semantic search system aims to apply ontology-based search to overcome the above two problems. The paper presents the first phase of system development; ontology design and ontology development tool.



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