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Pamungkas, D. S. & Ward, K. (2014). Electro-tactile feedback system for achieving embodiment in a tele-operated robot. 13th International Conference on Control Automation, Robotics and Vision (pp. 1706-1711). United States: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Tele-operation can enable an operator to control a robot remotely in inaccessible and hazardous environments. However, controlling a robot remotely via a conventional monitor and control panel can be difficult and slow. To achieve faster and more dexterous operation of the robot, enhanced 3D perception and some form of tactile or neural feedback is needed to achieve some degree of embodiment within the robot's physical structure and world. To achieve this objective we have devised an immersive tele-operation system comprised of a stereo vision headset and an electro-tactile feedback system that is worn by the operator, connected to stereo cameras and various sensors mounded on the robot. This arrangement enables the remote operator to see in 3D what the robot sees and experience what the robot feels via electro-tactile feedback in response to hand gesture based control actions. We provide experimental results showing how our tele-operation system can enable the operator to achieve better control of a mobile robot via a sense of being partially "embodied" within the robot.



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