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Getta, J. R., Zimniak, M. & Benn, W. (2014). Mining periodic patterns from nested event logs. Computer and Information Technology (CIT), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 160-167). United States: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


2014 IEEE. Information about periodic computations of processes, events, and software components can be used to improve performance of software systems. This work investigates mining periodic patterns of events from historical information related to processes, events, and software components. We introduce a concept of a nested event log that generalizes historical information stored in the application traces, event logs and dynamic profiles. We show how a nested event log can be compressed into a reduced event table and later on converted into a workload histogram suitable for mining periodic patterns of events. The paper defines a concept of periodic pattern and its validation in a workload histogram. We propose two algorithms for mining periodic patterns and we define the quality indicators for the patterns found. We show, that a system of operations on periodic patterns introduced in this work can be used to derive new periodic patterns with some of the quality indicators better from the original ones. The paper is concluded with an algorithm for deriving periodic patterns with the given quality constraints.



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