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Perez, P., Huynh, N., Cao, V., Wickramasuriya, R. & Berryman, M. J. (2014). TransMob: an agent based simulation of transport demand and residential mobility in South East Sydney. Social Simulation Conference (pp. 1-7). Barcelona:


This paper presents an agent-based simulation, called TransMob, of transport demand and residential mobility in South East Sydney, Australia. In this model, each agent represents an individual resident of the study area. Each agent is given an initial travel diary. Agents are grouped in various types of household which generate social interdependencies and additional constrains on travel diaries. This initial synthetic population is then allowed to evolve for 20 years, driven by natural growth parameters, social bonding and migration rates. A micro-simulation component calculates daily traffic conditions and individual travel times, allowing for multi-modal journeys. The transport mode choice component uses a multinomial logit model for individual decisions based on various fixed and variable costs as well as socio-economic characteristics. Residential mobility is simulated through a two-step process: first, deciding to move out; then, selecting a destination for relocation. The first step uses a multinomial logit model, while the second one uses a semi-empirical perceived liveability model to inform individual decisions.