Basic tundish powder evaluation for continuous casting of clean steel



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Aminorroaya, S., Azari, K., Edris, H. & Dippenaar, R. (2006). Basic tundish powder evaluation for continuous casting of clean steel. In M. Baker (Eds.), AISTech 2006 Conference Proceedings - Volume II: Iron and Steel Technology (pp. 529-536). United States: The Association of Iron and Steel Technology.


A highly competitive steel market requires the modern steelmaker to be sensitive to customer demands in terms of product properties, quality, price and delivery. The steel industry is confronted with high fixed costs as well as expensive and sophisticated processes, which are constrained to high production rates by efficiencies and economics of scale. High costs, raw material shortages, Environmental concerns and customer demands have been defined as four of the most important drivers for the steel industry 1. The need to produce high quality steel at a competitive price has resulted in the implementation of state-of-the-art process technologies to attain ultra-high purity and ultra-cleanliness in a new generation of steels. Moreover, Environmental control has likewise become a most important driver in the production of steel, to the extent that traditional production techniques have been challenged by the development of new processes and alternative production technologies.

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AISTech 2006 Conference Proceedings

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