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Li, H., Jiang, Z., Wei, D., Xu, J., Zhang, X., Gong, D. & Han, J. (2015). Study on surface asperity flattening in cold quasi-static uniaxial planar compression by crystal plasticity finite element method. Tribology Letters, 58 (3), 1-10.


In order to study the surface asperity flattening in a quasi-static cold uniaxial planar compression, the experimental results of atomic force microscope and electron backscattered diffraction have been employed in a ratedependent crystal plasticity model to analyze this process. The simulation results show a good agreement with the experimental results: in this quasi-static deformation process, lubrication can hinder the surface asperity flattening process even under very low deformation rate. However, due to the limitation of the model and some parameters, the simulation results cannot predict all the properties in detail such as S orientation {123}and the maximum stress in sample compressed without lubrication. In addition, the experimental results show, with an increase in gauged reduction, the development of Taylor factor, and CSL boundaries show certain tendencies. Under the same gauged reduction, friction can increase the Taylor factor and Σ = 7.



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