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Saleh, A. A., Brown, D. W., Pereloma, E. V., Clausen, B., Davies, C. H. J., Tome, C. N. & Gazder, A. A. (2015). An in-situ neutron diffraction study of a multi-phase transformation and twinning-induced plasticity steel during cyclic loading. Applied Physics Letters, 106 (17), 171911-1-171911-6.


In-situ neutron diffraction during cyclic tension-compression loading (þ3.5% to 2.8%) of a 17Mn-3Al-2Si-1Ni-0.06C steel that exhibits concurrent transformation and twinning -induced plasticity effects indicated a significant contribution of intragranular back stresses to the observed Bauschinger effect. Rietveld analysis revealed a higher rate of martensitic transformation during tension compared to compression. Throughout cycling, a0-martensite exhibited the highest phase strains such that it bears an increasing portion of the macroscopic load as its weight fraction evolves. On the other hand, the e-martensite strain remained compressive as it accommodated most of the internal strains caused by the shape misfit associated with the c!e and/or e!a0 transformations.

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