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S. Nikolic, "Training laboratory: Using online resources to enhance the laboratory learning experience," in IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering: Learning for the Future Now (TALE 2014), 2014, pp. 51-54.


2014 IEEE. Technology has enabled students to search and utilize information from a diverse range of sources. One mechanism that students turn to for additional resources is the internet. This paper explores student interaction with an internet resource, called the Training Laboratory. This resource has multiple uses, including: 1) the training of laboratory teaching assistants; 2) providing students an opportunity to develop pre-requisite laboratory skills; 3) reduce the workload of developing resources when designing laboratory notes; 4) reduce the duplication of learning fundamental laboratory skills in multiple subjects; 5) provide a means to share resources to satellite campuses; and, 6) provide a teaching tool to assist laboratory demonstrators. Feedback from students and staff, three years after implementation, indicate that this is an effective resource that has enhanced learning in the laboratory.



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