Measurement of an accelerator based mixed field with a Timepix detector



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George, S. P., Severino, C. T., Frojdh, E., Murtas, F. & Silari, M. (2015). Measurement of an accelerator based mixed field with a Timepix detector. Journal of Instrumentation, 10 (3), 1-11. Journal of Instrumentation


We present an analysis of a high energy mixed field taken with a Timepix chip at the CERF facility at CERN. The Timepix is an active array of 65K energy measuring pixels which allows visualization and energy measurement of the tracks created by individual particles. This allows characteristics of interest such as the LET and angular distributions of the incoming tracks to be calculated, as well as broad morphological track categories based on pattern recognition techniques. We compute and compare LET-like and angular information for different morphological track categories. Morphological track categories are found to possess overlapping LET and energy spectra, however the approaches are found to be complementary with morphological clustering yielding information which is indistinguishable on the basis of LET alone. The use of the Timepix as an indirect monitoring device outside of the primary beam at CERF is briefly discussed.

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