Closing the loop from continuous M-health monitoring to fuzzy logic-based optimized recommendations



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Benharref, A., Serhani, M. Adel. & Nujum, A. 2014, 'Closing the loop from continuous M-health monitoring to fuzzy logic-based optimized recommendations', Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE, IEEE, United States, pp. 2698-2701.


Continuous sensing of health metrics might generate a massive amount of data. Generating clinically validated recommendations, out of these data, to patients under monitoring is of prime importance to protect them from risk of falling into severe health degradation. Physicians also can be supported with automated recommendations that gain from historical data and increasing learning cycles. In this paper, we propose a Fuzzy Expert System that relies on data collected from continuous monitoring. The monitoring scheme implements preprocessing of data for better data analytics. However, data analytics implements the loopback feature in order to constantly improve fuzzy rules, knowledge base, and generated recommendations. Both techniques reduced data quantity, improved data quality and proposed recommendations. We evaluate our solution through a series of experiments and the results we have obtained proved that our fuzzy expert system combined with the intelligent monitoring and analytic techniques provide a high accuracy of collected data and valid advices.

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