Design of an optimized crane location system for construction sites



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Biju, S. Mathew., Tchan, A., Helmy, M. & Ayad, K. 2015, 'Design of an optimized crane location system for construction sites', Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 312, pp. 623-627.


Tower cranes, have always the centerpiece of production, hoisting and transporting of a variety of loads on a construction site. Occasionally tower cranes operate with overlapping work zones and Crane positioning in any construction site follows a complicated procedure. Factors that have to be taken under consideration are building size and type, obstruction type, material yard location. Each project is unique and different from the other and thus location of the cranes in every situation. A new developed application named Crane Locator is designed to facilitate the crane locating process by converting the engineer's expert knowledge to computerized System embedded knowledge. The application gives engineers the right location of where the crane should be positioned, the number, model(s) and type(s) of cranes.

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