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Al Balooshi, M., Jayashree, P. & Fargher, S. 2015, 'Creativity training programs in the UAE government sector: lessons from the literature', 27th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM) : Managing on the Edge, p. in press.


Creativity training has been recognized in literature as impacting divergent thinking capabilities as evidenced through varied indicators such as idea generation and innovation. This conceptual paper reviews literature on creativity training and examines its impact on organizational performance. Second, it examines the effectiveness of different tools that measure the impact of creativity training. This paper proposes that there is a need to customize measurement of creativity training instead of using generic models. The UAE public sector, focussing on the Dubai Government, forms the context for this paper as it has recently started investing heavily in creativity training programs as part of Dubai's strategic vision 2021 and thus would benefit substantially from customized tools for examining the impact of creativity training.