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Ghauri, S., Johnstone, C., Kim, J., Kokogiannakis, G., Tuohy, P. & Woo, K. (2009). Adoption of dynamic simulation for energy performance rating tool for Korean residential buildings: EDEM-SAMSUNG. 11th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference (IBPSA 2009) (pp. 2070-2076). United Kingdom: University of Strathclyde.


Currently, there is a high emphasis on reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of buildings worldwide. Korea is facing an emerging issue of energy savings in buildings in perspective of new green economic policy. In this context, various policy measures including the energy efficiency ratings for buildings are being implemented for domestic and non-domestic buildings. In practice, design teams tend to prefer easy to use assessment tools to optimise energy performance and carbon ratings while they are concerned about calculation accuracy and the accurate representation of the dynamics involved associated with the characteristics of Korean residential buildings. This paper presents an assessment tool, named 'EDEM-Samsung' that aims to address these challenges for Korean residential apartments, which often encounter complex design issues. EDEM-Samsung is a tool that enables users to make rapid decisions identifying the effect of design parameter changes on energy and carbon ratings with an effective user interface and without compromising accuracy. This paper describes the architecture and functionalities of the tool, and the advantages offered to Korean designers.