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Wei, D., Lu, H., Jiang, Z. & Manabe, K. (2014). Surface morphology of micro stepped components in micro cross wedge rolling. Procedia Engineering, 81 (C), 1902-1908.


A novel microforming process - Micro Cross Wedge Rolling has been proposed, which is very promising in producing micro stepped components. It is inevitable to confront with huge challenges in the development of micro cross wedge rolling technology. The influences of miniaturization, especially size effect, on process, accuracy control and product quality have to be studied. A micro cross wedge rolling testing rig has been designed and manufactured. Micro stepped components have been fabricated successfully by adopting flat wedge tools on this rig. The effects of surface roughness of tool, grain size in workpiece and cross sectional area reduction on surface morphology of rolled workpiece have been investigated.



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