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Xie, H., Manabe, K., Furushima, T., Tada, K. & Jiang, Z. (2014). Deformation characterization of micro rolling for stainless steel foil. Procedia Engineering, 81 (C), 179-184.


Physical parameters such as microscopic roughness become very important in micro forming process due to increasing surface to volume ratio. As a very important phenomenon in metal forming process, friction size effects are becoming more attracting for researchers because traditional models are not reliable. In this study, the micro rolling deformation characterization has been investigated with SUS 304 stainless steel considering the effect of lubricant, and there exists a sticking area in the contact zone. The evolution of surface roughness and oil film thickness are analyzed. The foil thickness plays an important role in the tribological features of rolling. All the results have been verified experimentally via the desktop 2-Hi micro rolling mills.



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